Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Maintaining Your Carpets This Monsoon

The gloom lifts. The moods change. The beads of steamy sweat evaporate. There’s celebration and bonhomie all around. Yes, the Monsoon brings much-needed respite from the scorching Indian summer. Unfortunately, it also spells doom for carpets in your home.
But don't worry! Just take care of a few things to prevent your beautiful carpets from looking lifeless and dull this season.

Use Doormats & Rugs

We often don’t realise what we bring back home. During this season of muddy puddle sand wet roads it’s best to use a special mat at the entrance of the house to wipe the shoes on and use indoor rugs strategically. This reduces the mud your carpet is exposed to.

 Pick Lightweight Carpets & Rugs

The heavier the carpet, the harder to clean. During this weather, it is best to opt for lightweight carpets. These rugs come in vibrant and diverse colours, which will definitely go well with your chosen decor.

Vaccuum/ Broom Regularly

 The carpets tend to hold on to the minute dust particles, which is deeply absorbed in the carpet lining. To avoid your carpet from looking lifeless, it is best to clean on a regular basis.

Use Special Cleaning Products

The carpet fabric, which is always thicker than other carpets has a massive moisture retaining capacity which can result in unwanted fungus or bacteria growth leading to infection. So, do use special cleaning agents available at your local store. You may also use a mixture of white vinegar and water followed by baking soda to clean, thoroughly. Vacuum the carpet after it is completely dry to make it look new all over again.
I hope this makes your life a little easier during the season and you can spend your time enjoying the Monsoon. Bookmark this page as we will bring you more of such information to make your life much easier as a home maker.
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